About me, the blog, and the peeps

I used to reside over at itsallabitrandom.com which is no longer in existence.  I chose the new blog address because I have this fascination with dreams.  I believe in them.  For real.  Maybe I’ll write about them, maybe I won’t.  It’s my blog and I can dream if I want to.

The Blog:

I created this space ages ago and hoped to be completely and utterly anonymous so that I could vent or whine or drink heavily and no one would be the wiser, but recently I decided that it’s just not worth the effort.  What’s this blog about anyway?  Well, everything and nothing.  I like to use writing prompts to stir up memories or thoughts or anything that will give me a direction, they challenge me and I like that.  When I’m not using a prompt, I’m writing about just anything from memories, yesterday, thoughts, and passions.  There is no theme here, can you tell?  The things I will ALWAYS try to do is be honest and kind.  I have strong opinions, it’s that red hair and 1/4 Japanese blood, but I also have a kind heart and my feelings hurt easily for other people.  I would never pretend to know what someone has gone through in their life and I will never resort to trying to one-up them or assume I know them and I would appreciate no one doing that to me, as well.  I welcome anyone who wants to have a good laugh, a respectable debate, or just a glass of wine 😉

Oh, and I cuss.  A lot.  If you’re easily offended, you may wanna click on to the next blog.


The Writer: (I use that term loosely)

My name is Linda and I reside in a suburb east-ish of Atlanta.  I’m a Gen X mother of 3 who eventually married my high school love and we’ve been trying not to kill each other for the last 20+ years.  The upper *ahem* mid 30s is an interesting time of life.  Holy shit, I’m in my 40s now!?  I’ve reached the point of coming to terms with adulthood.  It’s like real and stuff.  I have a son in the US Navy who’s currently traveling the world and  I have 2 kids trying to survive high school and prepare for the big, bad world.  This isn’t a ‘mommy’ blog.  Not that I have problems with them cause I find them very interesting reads, it’s just not my thing.  I’ll write and never mention my kids, but then I’ll write about my kids.  It’s whatever.  It’s life.   Sometimes I’m as serious as a heartbeat.  Sometimes I try my hand at what I sadly consider humor.  Often I am just random.


The Main Players:

Mr. Medic– the husband (He was Mr. EMT in past posts, but he finally made it to Medic!)
The Sailor– son, born in 1997 – (was The Eldest until he joined the Navy on 12/6/2016)
The Middle – daughter, born in 2001
The Little – son, born in 2002 (he and his sister are 364 days apart)
Bella  – the boxer (the dog kind, not the fighter kind – although the fighter would be cool to have) RIP, sweet Bella
Enzo – the black lab pup born on 1/20/2018

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