Two decades and an undying love

Today is my 20th anniversary, and this morning on my hour-long, traffic-filled commute, I reflected on these last two decades with my Mr. Medic.  Two decades.  Y’all, it’s difficult to fathom.  What’s crazier to me is that I can remember all of it like it was yesterday…literally.  I grew up hearing that phrase and remember sighing or rolling my eyes at its overuse, but as I get older, I completely understand its connotation.

I can remember seeing him in high school for the first time, and something inside me just clicked.  I didn’t know that 27 years later that he would be the sole person on this planet with whom I share my deepest, darkest parts of the chaos that is me.  Nor did I know we would grow to trust each other so emphatically and love so deeply that our worlds would truly merge as one.  We’ve seen each other at our best, and we’ve seen each other at our worst many times those two didn’t align, but we pushed on, and we supported each other the way only a wife and a husband could.

It’s not always been easy, and we’ve been way too close to divorce and have had our very fair share of fights and unspoken nights.  We’ve cried into the early hours of dawn pondering what would come of us as a couple, as a family.  But we’ve laughed so hard that we doubled over in pain.  We’ve spent countless hours laying in each other’s arms talking about our future.  We’ve made 5-year-plans and retirement plans and spoke about future grandchildren.  And we’ve become not just lovers or husband and wife, but the best of friends.

I love you, my darling husband, with all of my soul.  I thank you for your unyielding support and understanding of my, sometimes, debilitating mental chaos.  You are the only one on this planet who can understand and tolerate me at my worst, and I’ll forever be thankful for how much you love me.  Here’s to the first 20 and I’m so looking forward to all that we can experience in the next 20. xoxo



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