In Dreams

It should probably be stated I don’t ‘do’ poetry.  I love it, but I have never been able to produce it.  I felt daring and decided to step out of my little comfort zone on this one…sorry. ha!



He walks into the room

And causes electricity to spark

So fierce it will cause my doom

Or shock me to life out of this dark


His eyes a stormy blue, his lips so full

He sees through me to my core, I’m so weak

Unable to breathe, I try to play it cool

As he brushes his hand against my cheek


He smells of sandalwood and wind

His skin is warm to the touch

In his arms, I will easily bend

How can I need him this much?


My knees begin to quake

My chest rises, I know what he’s after

From my dream, I slowly wake

As I laughed my nervous laughter


8 thoughts on “In Dreams

  1. Oh just fanning myself. So many lovely lines in this poem. “stormy blue” eyes and sandalwood scents on a man are just too hard to resist. Plus you used the prompt so well. Conjuring that “did I dream that?” feeling from the words.

    Your poetry was very nice.


  2. The flow and vocabulary used in this is electric which really heats up with your theme! I loved the opening stanza 🙂 The only thing I would say is the mix of tenses sometimes doesn’t work for me as you switch between present and past. But maybe that’s just me. Good job!


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